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Size guide

Size guide
Hi there! 
Not sure what size ring or necklace you should get? We want to make your shopping experience as easy as it can be, so we made a size guide for you!


Getting a new ring online can be quite a challenge, but it doesn't have to be anymore! If you have a ring that fits you perfectly, use it on our printable guide. Download our Ring size guide, print it (scale up to 100%), and check the measurements with one of your credit/debit cards. If this fits, it's time to go measure :) The coloured circle should fit perfectly within your ring - if you see the coloured circle outside of your ring, move it up a size. If you see white within your ring, move it down a size. It should fit perfectly on the right circle. If you are in between sizes we recommend getting the larger size.

Don't have a ring for your preferred finger yet? You can buy our €1,- ring sizer to measure your perfect size at home! 

Let us show you how to use the guide: 



Our necklaces come in different sizes, and even though we try to include a picture of a model wearing it, it can still be different on each individual. Below you can see three models with a different (body) height wearing the same necklaces. You can see a real difference in the way the necklace fits a person. It's always a good idea to measure one of your necklaces or try it with a piece of string since some necklaces can only be returned in the standard size.



Welcome to our bracelet guide. To get started you’re going to need some string, scissors, and a ruler. These tips work for anklets as well!


Step one: Wrap the string around your wrist

Step two: Cut where the ends meet

Step three: lay the string flat against a ruler


And there you go, your bracelet size! We’ve provided a little converter chart from cm to inch. If you have bracelets/anklets that fit you well, you could always measure that instead of the string. Another tip is to use a tape measurer and if all else fails; you can use our printable linked here. 

 If you are in-between sizes, we’d recommend sizing up!

Please note that some bracelet styles measure differently. Thin bracelets like chains are very true to size, but for example for the Rêve full large pearl bracelet we’d recommend sizing up about a centimeter. 

CM  Inch
13  5.12
14 5.51
15 5.91
16 6.30
17 6.70
18 7.09
19 7.48
20 7.87
21 8.27
22 8.66
23 9.06
24 9.45
25 9.84