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Add-on mother of pearl charm gold filled

  • €15.00

Make your piece even more personal by adding an additional pendant. Genuine mother of pearl shell.

How to order

step 1. Choose your favourite mother of pearl charm.

step 2. Choose what kind of jewellery the add-on is for. For necklaces/bracelets we will add a large jump ring so you can slide the add-on onto necklaces yourself.

for earrings The rings on top of the charms are 3mm in diameter and are a perfect fit for our basic hoop earrings. If your own earring has a different thickness, please let us know in a message so we can adjust the fit of the charm.

for a necklace/bracelet For a necklace/bracelet we will add an extra jump ring so you can slide the charm onto your piece yourself. If you'd like us to attach the charm to a piece of jewellery in your order, please let us know in a message with your order.


Charm is 14k gold filled

Sold per piece

Handmade in Amsterdam

Size guide

The large heart is 15mm.

The medium heart is 12mm.

The small heart is 8mm.

The shell is 13mm.

The Pearly Plumeria flower is 10mm.