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Mood palette bunch charm earring silver

  • €28.00

Mood palettes

The order of the palettes in the options is the same as in the photo (from left to right).

Confidence - the confidence mood palette consists of peridot, labradorite, and iolite.

Positivity - the positivity mood palette consists of strawberry quartz, pearl, and tourmaline.

Powerful - the powerful mood palette consists of apatite, black spinel, and garnet.

Wisdom - the wisdom mood palette consists of sapphire, lapis lazuli, and aquamarine.

Read about our meaningful gemstone palettes here.


    Earrings can only be returned if they're unworn

    All components are .925 sterling silver

    Per piece or per pair

    Handmade in Amsterdam

    Size guide

    Our model is wearing a 12mm hoop with a Confidence palette bunch charm