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happiness guarantee

The quality of our jewellery is extremely important to us. If your piece breaks within 6 months of receiving it, we will repair it for free (in most cases).

Our guarantee does not cover discoloration due to lack of care (even though the materials we use are extremely durable).

If you lose your jewellery, unfortunately, we can’t replace it for free.

Did your piece of jewellery break? No worries! Here at Koi we're dedicated to you enjoying our jewellery for life.

within 6 months
If your piece breaks within 6 months of purchase, it may be eligible for a free repair (depending on our assessment).

after 6 months
If your piece breaks outside the warranty period, there will probably be some repair costs to make your jewellery good as new.

In both cases, please send a photo of your jewellery with your order number to so we can look at the possibilities.

When you send your jewellery to the atelier for repair, we'll also give it a nice deep clean with our ultrasonic cleaner!

Did you know all the materials we use can be reused or recycled? Gold filled & sterling silver can be molten down to be made into something new!

If you have a piece of jewellery that's beyond repair, or you just feel like getting something new without your jewellery going to waste, you can exchange your piece for a new one with a 15% recycling discount.

how it works

  1. Send an email to saying which piece of jewellery you'd like to exchange.
  2. Send your old piece to the atelier (find our return instructions & address here).
  3. We'll email you a custom order for the new piece with the recycling discount & free shipping applied.
  4. Complete your order safely through our website and you're a short wait away to receiving your new jewellery!

things to keep in mind

  • Piece for piece: the piece of jewellery you exchange must be similar to or in the same price range as the piece you'd like to exchange it for.
  • The recycling discount can't be combined with sale items.