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Tiny gemstone ring silver

  • €35.00

This shiny ring is subtle, fine, and fits comfortably around your finger. The ringband is 1mm and because it's so small, it's perfect to mix and match, stack, or even as a knuckle ring. The gemstone is 2mm.

Gemstone options


  1. garnet (January)
  2. amethyst (February)
  3. aquamarine (March)
  4. opal (April)
  5. emerald (May)
  6. moonstone (June)
  7. ruby (July)
  8. peridot (August)
  9. sapphire (September)
  10. pink tourmaline (October)
  11. citrine (November)
  12. London topaz (December)

more gemstones

13. smoky quartz
14. iolite
15. apatite
16. black spinel
17. morganite


All sizes can be returned

The ring is .925 sterling silver

Handmade in Amsterdam

Size guide

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