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New! Mood gemstone palettes

New! Mood gemstone palettes

Koi Essentials is bringing a new addition to the gemstone palette family: Mood Palettes! Colorful combinations to complement how you feel or want to feel. The gemstone combinations have been carefully selected to eminate a feeling, a state of mind. Which mood are you in?


The confidence palette consists of peridot, labradorite, and iolite. Give yourself a little boost with this gemstone combination! Peridot enhances your self worth, and stimulates your confidence. Labradorite is perfect if you’re a sensitive person, it reduces stress and helps you believe in your own strength. Lastly iolite helps you to discover the true you and to express yourself truly.


The positivity palette consists of strawberry quartz, pearl, and tourmaline. If you need help looking on the brighter side, this is the gemstone palette for you! Strawberry quartz is a cheerful stone that helps you to enjoy the little things. Pearl brings emotional balance and peace. Tourmaline transforms negative thoughts & feelings into positive ones. It helps you bring things into perspective.


The powerful palette consists of apatite, black spinel, and garnet. Important exam or meeting coming up? Feel powerful with this palette! Apatite clears the mind, makes you ambitious, and helps you achieve your goals. Black spinel is a rejuvinating stone. It gives you perseverance, especially in challenging situations. Then there’s garnet to help you in times of crisis. It stimulates hope, willpower, and decisiveness.


The wisdom palette consists of sapphire, lapis lazuli, and aquamarine. Be your own greatest life coach with this gemstone palette! Sapphire strenghtens wisdom and honesty. It helps you focus your mind and to think critically. Lapis lazuli is an enlightening stone that stimulates your memory and information retention. Lastly, aquamarine has a calming effect, but it also sharpens the mind. It stimulates clear communication when you’re sharing information.