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How to tell if your pearls are genuine

How to tell if your pearls are genuine

When it comes to pearls, their timeless beauty and elegance make them highly sought after. However, distinguishing a real pearl from a fake one can be challenging. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you determine if a pearl is genuine.

1. The tooth/nail test

Gently rub the pearl against the edge of your tooth or nails. Real pearls will feel slightly gritty due to the layers of nacre (the substance that forms the pearl). In contrast, fake pearls tend to feel smooth and glassy.

2. Visual inspection

One of the most telling signs of a real pearl is its luster. Genuine pearls have a deep, rich shine that reflects light beautifully and appears almost iridescent. If the pearl has a dull or flat appearance, it’s likely an imitation.

3. Weight and temperature

Real pearls tend to be heavier than their fake counterparts. If the pearl feels unusually light, it might be an imitation. As well as the temperature, real pearls feel cool initially but will warm up by the touch of your skin!

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