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Koi Bridal: a jewellery guide for the modern bride

Koi Bridal: a jewellery guide for the modern bride

Getting married? We can help you with jewellery you can wear on your special day and forever after. From pearls to meaningful personalised pieces, there’s always something for you and your bridal party. We make it memorable. Experience your wedding day every time you wear your jewellery. Our tim...
Hi there! Not sure what size ring, bracelet or necklace you should get? We want to make your shopping experience as easy as it can be, so we made a complete size guide for you! Click here for the ring size guide Click here for the bracelet size guide Click here for the necklace size guide
New! Mood gemstone palettes

Nieuw! Mood palette edelstenen

Koi Essentials brengt een mooie aanvulling in de palette familie: Mood Palettes! Kleurrijke combinaties die uitdrukken hoe je je voelt of wil voelen. De edelstenen combinaties zijn zorgvuldig geselecteerd om je een bepaald gevoel te geven. Which mood are you in? Confidence Het Confidence palet be...