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Meet Koi

Koi is a label with unique, handmade jewellery for everyday wear. The most important thing to us is connecting your unique self with our unique pieces of jewellery. With our designs we strive to bring out the best version of you!

We exclusively use natural materials like sterling silver, gold filled, and gemstones to ensure lifelong sparkles and feeling carefree while wearing Koi jewellery.

The natural colours and shapes of our pearls and gemstones make each Koi piece unique. Our jewellery makes you shine effortlessly.


Sustainability and transparency in our production process are very important to us. All pieces are made to order in our atelier in Amsterdam to prevent overproduction. The gemstones in our jewellery are handpicked to ensure the highest quality. We want to be honest about the origin of our gemstones, and unfortunately it's near impossible to exactly retrace all the steps in the process of the actual gemstones we buy. The companies we work with ensure fair wages, proper working conditions for their employees, and have the necessary certificates for recycled silver and gold. Gold filled and sterling silver are natural metals that can be recycled, which means there is zero material waste.

The dream

Koi started as a passion project that soon grew into a brand with our own atelier in Amsterdam where we have our own space to work, grow, and welcome you into our happy place.

The dream is to continue our purposeful growth and enable the team to thrive in a wholesome and beautiful working space. Koi is a business that stays close to our values; all we want to do is make meaningful jewellery that you can feel good in.