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How do I put in the small hoops?

I have two tips to put them in more easily. The first is to put it in from the back to the front.

This way you can look in the mirror to see where you’re going. The second tip is to use tweezers 

to lead the earring back into the tube, if you can’t manage with your fingers.

How long does shipping take?

Most pieces can be shipped between 1-3 business days. The duration of shipping itself
depends on which country your jewellery has to travel to. For more information about this,
check out the Shipping & Returns page.

    Can I return a piece if I don’t like it?

    We try our very best to make pieces that you will love forever, but sometimes it can turn out
    it’s not really your style. Check the item description of the product you purchased to see
    which size can be returned – only standard sizes and non-custom made items can be returned.
    For more information about this, please check the Shipping & Returns page.

      Is there nickel in any of the jewellery?

      No, we never have any material with nickel in it.

        I have a custom request, how can I order something special?

        Oh how nice! You can fill out our contact form or email Roxy directly at to
        request a custom order.