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Rêve Palette bracelet gold filled

  • €39.00

Dream away with the Rêve bracelet - lustrous pearls combined with a gemstone colour palette inspired by natural landscapes found on a dream island.


1. Beach - soft blue colours of moonstone, multicolour turquoise, and aquamarine

2. Bloom - floral pastel colours of amethyst, peridot, and aquamarine

3. Forest - green tones of peridot, multicolour turquoise, and chrome diopside

4. Ocean - blue colours of iolite, apatite, and lapis lazuli

5. Sunset - warm colours of amethyst, citrine, and garnet

6. Volcano - darker tones of black spinel, labradorite, and smoky quartz


    Standard size: 17cm, only the standard size can be returned or exchanged

    Total length is including clasp

    All components are 14k gold filled

    Pearl size in the photo is medium

    Handmade in Amsterdam

    Pearl sizes

    Small pearls are 2-3mm

    Medium pearls are 4-6mm

    Large pearls are 6-8mm