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On the Edge of Nature

On the Edge of Nature

On the Edge of Nature follows the story of Île de Rêve. Île de Rêve meant dreaming away and escaping reality to a brighter, and more colourful place by wearing a natural colour palette inspired by different landscapes you can find on an island. The pieces from On the Edge of Nature bring you back to the here and now, while still feeling in touch with natural elements.

The design process started with the gemstones. Roxy was instantly drawn to the iridescence of Ethiopian opals and the variety of colour palettes in tourmaline. From the gemstones and pearls, the pieces of jewellery were born.

Last year has been difficult to take a break from complex situations and to find moments of relaxation. It was necessary to take a breath and to escape from the stress and uncertainties of our much changed daily lives. We are now slowly restoring and finding our own ways of dealing with the changes. While the previous collection Île de Rêve was created around the idea of escaping reality to your own dream island, this collection brings you back in touch with nature. The jewellery allows you to show yourself again as we are on the edge of coming back to normal life. 

Let yourself get carried away and inspired by these unique natural colours and the asymmetrical shapes of the chains and stones, leaving you on the edge of nature.


Team Koi